The perfect wooden wallet! "Patent Pending"

The perfect wooden wallet! "Patent Pending"

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Are you looking for the perfect front pocket wallet? Then you want the wooden Bench Built wallet in your front pocket.

When you purchase this wallet you also receive a free Military wallet of your choosing.

Click here for lichtenberg patterning video?

This wallet is designed to hold one to ten cards depending on the thickness of your cards. Its powerful "patent pending" magnetic money clip holds in excess of 15 bills. It features a patent pending segmented magnetic money clip. Very classy and very unique. A wooden spring secures your cards in at the top. When you pull your cash out, the clip stays in place. You are purchasing a wallet similar to the one pictured but due to the variation in oak patterns, lichtenberg designs and shaping every wallet is a one of a kind piece of art.

If you choose to have the wallet engraved it will take an extra 5-7 days to process the order depending on my engravers workload.

Keep it simple!

Bench Built Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your item, send it back and I will refund your money. If something happens to your Item and it's repairable, mail it back and I will repair your Item at no cost to you.

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